Marais Rossouw

G'day 👋, I'm Marais! So happy you're here.

Im an open source developer, maintainer, and bring passion and expertise to software teams. Currently building GitHub!

Previously at Atlassian,, AutoGuru.

I live in the sunny Gold Coast, and been on the internet since 2005
...which is really my "hometown".

Live fearlessly, have a go, care deeply, say thank you, and get excited!

  • Enthusiasm Matters
    • life is far more enjoyable when something excites you
    • maybe why bigger things tend to be easier to do
  • Radiate Kindness
    • think before speaking
    • forgive before seeking revenge
    • prefer long-term relationships instead of short-term pride
    • say, thank you
    • why? it can impact an entire community
  • Do The Hard Things
    • you can do more than you think
    • have a go
  • Care Deeply, Not Passionately
    • going deeper is always better than going wider
    • but don't sweat the details
    • attention is precious

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