til git merge drivers

tl;dr have a consistent merge conflict, use merge drivers to resolve them for you

I often faced resolving the same file, in the same way. And wondered, can’t git just solve this for me?

Well, you can 🥳 with a thingy called merge drivers which are defined either per workspace or in your ~/.gitconfig global config — and joined with .gitattributes files.

All you need is an executable—node fix-my-file.js, ./file-resolver etc.


You need to define the driver in a gitconfig file, either globally (~/.gitconfig) or in the project.

[merge "relay"]
    name = "relay compiler merge driver"
    driver = relay-compiler

[merge "yarn"]
    name = "yarn install"
    driver = yarn install

… then in your project (or with [core.gitattributes]).

__generated__/*  merge = relay
yarn.lock        merge = yarn

And done! ✨ Every time a merge conflict arises touching those files, the merge driver will run first trying to resolve it.

But please do check the documentation as to how extend this further.

What makes this great?

Typically when dealing with generated files, or lockfiles as you’re jumping between branches. Be nice for a piece of code to quickly correct some files so you don’t have local conflicting files. Yarn’s lock file, or Relay’s __generated__ artifacts is notorious for this.